WSBF’s Membership: Become a Member of WSBF

On this page you can apply for the membership in World Save the Bees Fund.
When applying for the membership in the Fund you should give your personal data and pay an entrance fee of 15 €.

Also, all members of the Fund shall pay an annual membership fee of not less than 10 €. Membership fees are paid once a year within 1 quarter of each calendar year.
Fees may be paid in any currency at the exchange rate on the date of payment.

To apply for the membership in World Save the Bees Fund, please, provide your personal data (* - indicated fields must be filled):

The amount of the entrance fee: 15 € at the exchange rate

Surname *
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Phone (including country code and area code)
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Do you have any relevance to beekeeping?
If "Yes", then what?
Where did you hear about the public organization "World Save the Bees Fund"?

Currently you can pay the entrance fee by transferring the money to our bank account.

Within 4 days after the receipt of funds to the account of the Fund:
* you will be sent a personal certificate of WSBF’s member. The certificate is sent by e-mail or by post.
* you will be given a badge of WSBF’s member at your first personal participation in the events of WSBF
* your personal data (name, surname, country and city) will be posted on the site in the Golden Book of WSBF.

By applying and paying the entrance fee I certify that I have read and agree with the Membership Memorandum of the public organization «World Save the Bees Fund (World Save Bee Fund e.V.)»"
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