Partnership for Organizations

Thank you for your keen interest in the bees’ protection!

Participation in the movement for the conservation of bees and the future of the planet is an opportunity to declare your company as a socially-oriented business.
If you share the values and aspirations of World Save the Bees Fund, then we invite you to become a permanent active member of the Fund!

The funds collected with your help are allocated to the projects to combat the bees’ diseases, the projects on the study and conservation of bees’ biological diversity, beekeeping and popularization of the consumption of bee products, methods of monitoring and quality control of bees’ metabolic products and other projects that protect and save the bees.

Being a member of the Fund your organization has the RIGHT:
* to take part in all activities of WSBF;
* to take part in the General Meeting with the right to vote on all matters;
* to get information about the Fund’s activity;
* to express your opinion at the Fund’s referenda, surveys and questionnaires;
* to print the sign of WSBF on the your products’ labels if concluding a contract with the Fund;
* to put the logo of your Company on WSBF banners, printed and promotion materials if concluding a contract with the Fund.
* the Head of the organization gets a special badge of WSBF’s Member and an opportunity to refer to this status at his discretion.

Entry fee for companies is set at not less than 30 €. The membership fee is set at not less than 15 €.
Fees can be paid in any currency at the exchange rate on the date of payment.

Within 4 days from the moment the money gets to the Fund’s account:
* a personal Certificate of a Member is sent to the organization. The Certificate is sent by e-mail or by post;
* the organization data (the name, the logo, the country and the city of the head office, the principle activity) are put in the WSBF Golden Book on the website
* a badge of WSBF’s Member is given at the first personal participation in WSBF events.



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