Thank you for your desire to become an active participant in the movement for bees’ protection!

Having made a donation to World Save the Bees Fund, you join the ranks of the Fund’s Contributory persons. Along with the contributions of the permanent members of the Fund, donations from Contributory persons are the foundation upon which the work of World Save the Bees Fund is based.

The collected funds will be spent on projects to combat bees’ diseases, the projects on the study and conservation of biological diversity of bees, beekeeping and popularization of the consumption of bee products, methods of monitoring and quality control of bees’ metabolic products and other projects that protect and save the bees.

Besides, the donation to WSBF gives you an opportunity:
*to take part in special events and projects of WSBF;
*to become a candidate for getting award of “the Golden Bee” order. Annually according to the results of the year the best Contributory persons are decorated with orders. The knights of the Order get the status of WSBF’s Honorary Member;
* Your data (for individuals - name, surname, country and city, for companies - name and country) are posted on the site in the Golden Book of WSBF.

Within 4 days from the moment the money gets to the Fund’s account:
* the Letter of Thanks under the hand of WSBF’s President Mr. R. Khismatullin is sent to the Contributory person. The Letter of Thanks is sent by e-mail or by post;


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