The 14th of September 2009 - a photo report on celebrating the International Bees’ Protection Day in the Russian cities.

There was a parade on the central square of the city, then the activists went to different areas of the city for local events. Total number of participants in the parade was more than 300 people.

Nizhny Novgorod
Excursion trips to the apiary. Lectures on the role of bees and the importance of bee products were held on the streets of the city. In the course of events 500 signatures were collected to support the movement.

St. Petersburg
At Park Pobedy, there was a festive procession under the banner of "The International Bees Protection Day” with about 100 people gathered.

Activists in the costumes of bees collected about 150 residents and guests of the city at the central square, the children participated in the drawing contest, the adults attended the presentation.

On the central square of the city there was a holiday with the launch of yellow balloons into the sky, over 150 people took part in that event.

On the 14th of September there was Apislet with a saturated program, which was attended by about 200 people from 10 cities of Russia and the near abroad.

At four sites of the city there were festive presentations with honey tasting and lottery with prizes. The action was attended by over 100 people.

At one of the best concert halls of the city there was a mass event, bringing together about 250 people.

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