The Initiative to establish the International Bees’ Protection Day

During this year we’ve started a mass-scale movement for the conservation of bees throughout the world. It’s quite pleasant, meaningful and important that the idea of the 14th of September has received a huge response - we are fully convinced that the "bee" and "honey" for our fellow countrymen are not just empty words.

What changes did this day bring into the life of the Russian citizens, in our life?

People for the first time realized the value of her Majesty the Bee. Children learnt about the unusual profession of a "beekeeper". Adults learnt about the extraordinary health giving opportunities of bee products, and all together they learnt about the importance of bees for our lives.

Today 90% of pollination on earth is done by bees. Today we get terrible figures on bee deaths’ rates. 35-40% of bees have died in Europe, up to 45% - in Russia. Therefore we have proposed to declare the 14th of September – the day of Beehives Season Closing - the International Bees' Protection Day. It’s a grandiose project - we appealed to UNESCO, the UNO, all known beekeeping associations, educational institutions and pollination organization. The world experience shows: it’s hard to do without joined efforts. Today, we have consolidated with the most serious and interesting forces in the field of beekeeping.

We want to explain people that the bees are the highest value, which is given to us by nature. Things that the bees do for us cannot be overstated! Pollination of plants gives us the necessary food and bee products help us to live a full life.
We want to draw attention to the industry of beekeeping. We must raise beekeeping. It’s necessary to draw people's attention to the fact that the bees give us health. Beekeeping should be industrial. It’s important to involve young people in this branch. Industrial beekeeping is a profitable business. The state has already begun to pay attention to this problem.

The International Bees' Protection Day is our holiday, the date that has appeared in the calendar only this year - and this is only one day in September. But we see that the key events, that we traditionally pay much attention to, are connected with our own well-being and our future.

The mission we have is really tremendous. Recently there have been a lot of important events, which will influence not only the Russian but also the international beekeeping. Due to the existence of bees – a unique creation of nature ¬ and our own professionalism, altogether we'll have the opportunity to develop the most important sectors of our country and solve its troubling problems, to achieve high goals and enjoy life!

We can help the bees so that the bees could help us.

Bees are a world heritage. Do not use herbisides, pesticides during the growing season of plants, flowering, do not kill the bees.

And if we all take even such little efforts, then the situation will surely improve: tasty and healthy food (not only bee products, but also meat, vegetables, fruit, which are the result of bees work) will appear on our table from year to year more and more. This means that the whole branch in medicine, one of the most promising directions - apitherapy will continue to evolve for the benefit of all of us. This means that each of us will be able to maintain health and to gain material wealth!

Rail Khismatullin

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