World Save the Bees Fund (WSBF)

1. What Can WSBF Do To Save Bees?

1.1. WSBF is at the head of the movement to organize a day dedicated to bees and to declare the 14th of September as the International Bees' Protection Day.

The International Bees' Protection Day will allow us to join global forces to protect and preserve bees. Initiating relevant governmental projects, specific programs and events will shed light on the issue.

Everyone can contribute to the establishment of the International Bees' Protection Day right now. Vote on the website and get a personal certificate of your active participation in the Russian or English language. Today there are already over 4,000 voters. When we are together, any mission is possible!

1.2. The objective of the WSBF is to raise public awareness of the acute issue of bees’ protection and maintenance of the nature’s balance.

It is only scientists and professional beekeepers who are concerned about the issue nowadays. Nonetheless, the more people will be involved in discussing the required balance between agriculture, forestry and beekeeping, the sooner beekeeping issues will be solved, and the safer and more environmentally friendly our world will become. Apart from that, protection and development of beekeeping guarantees flourishing agriculture and forestry for many years to come.

It is important to deliver a message that one cannot saw off the bough on which one is sitting for the sake of an instant boost of harvest and a short-term gain.

WSBF’s website,, has information about bees and beekeeping. The website is available in the Russian, English and French languages. The website content is being translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese.

WSBF plans to promote a healthy lifestyle with the extensive use of beekeeping products through the Russian and international mass media and non-profit commercials. We hope the campaign will emphasize the advantages of beekeeping products that are reliable and vital to stay healthy and financially stable.

1.3. WSBF has already started to promote beekeeping. Unfortunately, the young generation knows little of hard albeit noble and important work of a beekeeper. Proper promotion may attract a large number of young people to start their beekeeping business or to learn a new profitable hobby to supplement their full-time work. After all, keeping bees means living in the wild, being away from pollution, stress, hustle and exhaustion of a city life.

WSBF plans to take part in making a film about CCD produced by a Japanese TV studio.

WSBF aims to publish books on beekeeping for the general public. One of the most important areas of work of WSBF is children. Comic books, cartoons, and computer games with bees as characters will help children understand the importance of bees and the nature’s balance at an early age. Regretfully, there have been few examples so far.

1.4. WSBF supports scientific research and know-how in beekeeping. Extended scientific studies on bees' diseases and pests are required, as well as more efficient medicines for bees. All pests develop resistance to treatment; hence the development of new drugs has to be on-going.

WSBF supports research to detect new beneficial substances in beekeeping products and to develop new products on their base. It is important to research the connection between bee demise and the use of chemicals, especially of neonicotinoids.

WSBF plans to support selection activities in many countries. The global objective is to breed bees that will be resistant to all known diseases. Such selection work is merely commencing as an independent scientific field; and we look forward to astounding breakthroughs.

1.5. WSBF aims to

- Cooperate with concerned organizations and establishments to foster global monitoring in beekeeping; to prevent bee diseases worldwide, to establish far-reaching specialized monitoring of the health of honey bees. This will provide updated statistics and count of healthy and diseased bees, which will allow timely action around the world.

- Support beekeeping business start-up programs and publish apiary set-up guidelines.

- Establish a volunteer movement. Volunteers are active people who are willing to provide WSBF with their voluntary help. The Fund's events and promotions deem impossible without volunteers as they are the driving force and backbone of the Fund. The volunteer movement aims to do ecological check-ups, to participate in vote-getting campaigns to appeal to authorities, to enlighten and educate on beekeeping, to provide assistance in apiary set-ups, etc.

- Launch an online shop. Items for sale will include WSBF memorabilia, rare books, brochures and magazines on beekeeping, WSBF stickers. The raised funds will be directed to support WSBF’s aims.

- Support the movement to ban open-field genetically modified crops to prevent negative environmental impact.

- Support and promote apitherapy.

- Emphasize the global importance of considering bees' health issues while making agricultural regulations.

- Raise public awareness of bees, beekeeping and its products.

2. Join the World Save the Bees Fund

We strongly believe that anything you do to save bees and to promote beekeeping and beekeeping products can contribute to preserving the diversity of these amazing insects and to realizing their importance on the Earth, as well as to improving people’s health.

• Make beekeeping products part of your diet. This will do good to your health and support beekeepers.
• Tell your friends about the significance of bees and their problems, and invite them to our website to express their views on the situation.
• Study beekeeping, become a beekeeper yourself, and join hundreds of thousands people fascinated with this noble craft.
• Join the World Save the Bees Fund. Study the Membership Memorandum on the website If you decide to join the Fund, fill in the Membership Application.
• Support professional beekeeping communities, scientists, and public figures in the movement to save bees via beekeeping websites: – declaration of the International Bees’ Protection Day, organization of events dedicated to bees’ protection; – strive to abandon use of pesticides where melliferous plants grow; – financial support and research of the improvement of bees' health and growing plants that are harmless for bees;

• Join our Community Forum on the website

• Make a one-time donation to WSBF via Any contribution is essential to keep the campaign for bees’ protection ongoing.

• If you have a business, we offer WSBF stickers that can appear on your products.

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