Business As Attractive As Honey

In Perm territory novice beekeepers can buy the necessary equipment for the apiary at half price

Ilyus Husniyarov put frames with honeycombs in a tub. His assistant, Alexander spun the handle, and honey flowed smoothly down the walls. Ethereal aromas floated in the barn.

- That's how our honey press works - tells and shows Ilyus Zarifyanovich. - Here we extract honey, pour it out into the flask - and send for sale. There are no problems with sale: we provide this health giving product to all the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.
Ilyus Husniyarov and his wife Tatiana, the villagers of Zuyata in Kungur region, have been engaged in beekeeping over 5 years. They began with one bee colony and gradually came to twelve bee colonies. And in March this year the beekeeper have acquired another 30 colonies by agrofranshize. Now there are 42 hives in his apiary inhabited by the Central Russian dark race.

It won’t do without new technologies

So what is Agrarian Franchise and how does it benefit an agricultural producer? In agriculture, as well in other industries, franchise is, in fact, the program of business development for beginners. It helps people wishing to do beekeeping to get bees, hives, equipment, inventory. Insurance of bees and hives from the fire, veterinary support, training, technology and manufacturing consultancy are provided.

The owner of the apiary treated Helen Gilyazova with comb honey - straight from the hive.

Why is Agrarian Franchise held exactly in the field of beekeeping? This question was answered by the Minister of Agriculture of Perm territory Elena Gilyazova, who arrived in Zuyata to see a local beekeeper’ business:

- First, honey is a product of market demand, but demand for it is not satisfied. Secondly, there are plenty of enthusiasts who want to become a beekeeper, but do not know the technology of honey production. And, thirdly, there is a basic enterprise - the "Tentorium Apicompany ", which can teach these technologies. These three factors allow us to hope that Agrarian Franchise in beekeeping will get accustomed in our region.

- “Today efficient agriculture is, first of all, technology,” - mentioned the governor Oleg Chirkunov. – “And our priority is to support those who work effectively”.

Costs shared in half with the territory

The cost of Agrarian Franchise for a beekeeper is 120 thousand rubles. Half of this amount is offset from the regional budget. Second half is the farmer's money or proceeds of a loan, which Ministry of Agriculture can help to get, too.

By the way, keeping an apiary is a tedious business, so owners often hire workers. And it provides working places.

The work provided by Agrarian Franchise can be done by pensioners, disabled people and people with large families. This could be of good material help for them.

- We managed to rise up thanks to Agrarian Franchise only - said Ilyus Husniyarov. – We bought all we needed. I took a two-week course on beekeeping, mastered new technologies. The demand for honey in the Perm territory is growing, so we will gradually expand the farm. Most of my immediate plans are to put a hut directly at the apiary, where you can get honey, live and meet visitors as well.

Bees need to be loved

Ilyus Husniyarov chose a very convenient place for the apiary. It is located on a vacant lot in the village of Gora, where there are only three houses. Near the village there are beautiful fields with lots of flowers - a perfect place for honey flow.

New technology, which the beekeeper has learnt, allows to get about 80 kilos of honey from one colony per year. In terms of money, home apiary of 30 colonies would allow farmers to have an annual income of about 200 thousand rubles.

- “When we get a little more money, we will buy an electric honey press,” - Ilyus Husniyarov dreams. This wonderful machine costs about 35 thousand rubles. In the meantime, we extract honey manually. We want about 70 bee colonies to work at the apiary. One half of them will provide us with honey, another half - with royal jelly.

Every beekeeper knows that these products give health and tone the body perfectly. When you live at the apiary, no pharmacy is needed. Bees are real doctors. Honey itself, honeycombs, propolis - traditional medicine learnt long ago how to use all these products properly.

- ‘Income is wonderful, of course. But you need to love beekeeping” - Ilyus Husniyarov notices. – “You see, I get into a hive with bare hands and bees do not sting me. Because they take me as one of them, like native. Bees feel my love and care”.

It's villages’ time

In Perm territory there is a program of the development of agro-industrial complex AIC. Potatoes, milk and dairy products, poultry, eggs, rapeseeds, seeds of perennial grasses, bee products were identified as the priority markets. More than 30 billion rubles will be assigned for the development of agriculture in Perm territory in the years 2009-2012.

- “Now products of local producers are in demand more than ever,” - says the head of the territory, Oleg Chirkunov. – “It’s necessary to displace imports gradually. Today we are able to feed ourselves, increasing our own production and producing quality products”.


Beekeeping farms are in all corners of Perm territory - from Cherdyn to Chernushka. Honey capital in the Kama area is considered to be in Uinskoe village, where the traditional festivities of Honey Spas are held. There is a particularly protected landscape biological reserve "Raspberry Hamlet”. It breeds a rare and unique race of dark central Russian bees. The honey from this reserved area is superior to many varieties of honey from other territories by its natural ingredients and taste, so it is very popular and finds a ready market outside of our territory.

Photos by Irina Molokotina
Information source – the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda», Perm City

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