UNO Petition

Раиль ХисматуллинBees play a paramount role in preserving and expanding environmental assets. Bees are the only insect species in the world that are indirectly involved in manufacturing of numerous types of all-natural produce. Bees are capable to clean products from harmful elements; they are used for environmental area monitoring. Additionally, beekeeping products are known to regulate functions of most human organs.

We are certain that all efforts to preserve bees and promote beekeeping products serve a multiple purpose. They contribute to preserving bees’ variety, raising awareness about bees’ role on earth and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Albert Einstein once predicted if honeybees died off, then human beings would only have four years to live. It seemed far from possible for a long time. However, 2007 saw a great reduction in bee colonies in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Great Britain, with the losses ranging from 20 to 80 percent! The reasons for the tragedy are environmental pollution, decreased numbers of melliferous plants, use of chemical substances in food production, incurable bee diseases and reduced immune resistance of bees.

We are convinced that solving this urgent issue requires joined actions of scientists and professional beekeepers as well as of general public. Driven by the need to preserve bees on earth, the Tentorium Apicompany would like to offer an initiative to the UN to establish an internationally recognized day on 14 September and to mark it as International Bees’ Protection Day.

We chose 14 September intentionally. This day marks the end or the beginning of the beekeeping season in various corners of the world. For the past five years, symbolizing the end of the beekeeping season, 14 September has been a celebration day of Closing of Beehives in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and other CIS states.

The International Bees’ Protection Day will allow us to join global forces to protect and preserve bees. Initiating relevant governmental projects, specific programs and events will shed light on the issue.

The young generation should learn about the beekeeping occupation and where to become a beekeeper.

It is of supreme importance to educate people about the value of honey and other bee produce, as they are safe and indispensable for a healthy life!

Let us grow melliferous plants in our gardens and try to avoid pesticides during blossom time. It will foster production of all-natural foodstuffs and promote agriculture!

Let us keep and take care of bees, thus protecting the environment, in order to preserve bees and promote our well-being!

Yours faithfully,
Rail Khismatullin
President of the Tentorium Apicompany
Chair of the Coordinating Council of the Euro-Asian Association on Apiecology
Member of the International Apitherapy and Beekeeping Academy